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Photography and Writing Services by Aberrant Perspectives.

Press Photography

I specialise in all aspects of press photography. I am a contributor to Getty Images and my photography has been in well know news sources across the world. I’ve covered a wide variety or press photography, including business launches, press boards, red carpet events and more.

Headshots & Portraits

Professional headshots & portraits show the world who you are. I capture the essence of who you are and why you stand out. I have worked with a wide variety of people, from performers to professionals. Following a brief designed from a discussion around requirements and objectives, I produce a choice of images, perfect for professional & promotional needs.

PR and Press Photography

PR and Press photography has to be done right. You want to connect your brand with your audience and my photography will help reinforce your message. Wether it be a product, brand or personality, I will work closely with your team and follow your brief, offering my creative advice and skills to produce the best representation for your needs.

Live Entertainment Photography

I have over five years experience covering live entertainment. I have worked with a wide variety of well known performers in various genres of entertainment. My images have been used in the news across the world and used directly by the performers for promotional purposes.

Photography Lessons

I provide both one to one photography lessons and group sessions. I tailor lessons to the needs of the individual or group. My lessons cover all aspects of photography. Including beginners lessons in manual mode, specific genres such as streetscape, portrait, landscapes and more. I also offer lessons in specific aspects in advanced photography available upon request.


I impartially review products, restaurants, events and shows, with my own in depth points of view. Offering an impartial, honest opinion for readers to learn more about your product, service or performance along side my photography. My articles are shared far and wide across social media and are sure to reach the readers who you want to know about your product, service or performance.

Social Media & Website Photography

Online is where most people see your business & it’s latest updates. Professional photography provides the best way to highlight why your business is the best. Using a combination of product, venue and candid photography, I create a catalogue of images perfect for your audience to engage with. Great photography encourages customers to return and enticing new customers to visit your business.

Event Photography

Wether it be a business launch, corporate event, festival, anniversary or celebration I have extensive experience in capturing all the moments that made your event special. I capture posed and candid images, and all the smaller details that, when combined, create a collection of memories for you to remember your amazing event.

Promotional Photography

Commercial photography is my specialist area, my clients have lead me to capture a wide variety of subjects for promotional purposes. If you need great photographs that capture your USP and showcase that to the world, contact me using the form below.

About Aberrant Perspectives

Who is behind Aberrant Perspectives?

Carla Speight has been a freelance commercial photographer and writer for over five years. Specialising in commercial photography; including live entertainment photography, headshots, events photography, product photography, website and social media photography and all areas of promotional photography. Working with a wide variety of clients, from small businesses to well known brands, television and radio personalities.

Professional Commercial Photographer.

Promotional photography and writing is where her skills are strongest. “I love to capture the work and personality that goes into creating such wonderful things in the world around me. As a business woman I know how hard it is to create something from the ground up and I’m passionate about helping people promote their work. Wether this be the event they have organised, the product they have created, their latest show or album or themselves”.

Providing the personal touch Carla always makes sure her client’s are confident in advance of any photoshoot. For her it’s important that the client feels involved and that each shoot is tailored to her client’s needs and objectives. “I work closely with clients, to establish a detailed photography brief that achieves their desired results. Photography is key to showcasing how spectacular the subject is. I always have lots of ideals on how to achieve the best results during a shoot. My in photography is extensive. I have worked on all sorts of locations and I am flexible in my approach to any job. I apply all my photography skills and knowledge to all my photoshoots. Ensuring my clients receive images with the ‘wow factor’ that they want.”.

Having worked in the press industry for several years, Carla’s press photography work can be found on the prestigious Getty Images website. As an official contributor to Getty Images, Carla is proud that her work has been featured in major news organisations around the world.

Professional Writer.

Carla’s writing and reviews can also be found in various news organisations worldwide. Passionate about remaining impartial and informative, Carla has started to build up strong working relationships with businesses, PR companies and performers. Ensuring that each article is a true and fair representation of the subject. Her ability to write in depth and well researched articles, has gained recognition from industry peers and influential people. Resulting in some amazing opportunities to review some truly talented subjects, well loved performers and brands.

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