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Photography tips blog: A how to guide for photography enthusiasts wanting to learn how to take better pictures by taking control of their DSLR. Photography Blog. A beginners guide to photography. Photography tips and tricks. Tips and tricks. Photography blog Well informed, individualised photography lessons are somewhat of a rarity and the instructions you get with a camera can be overwhelming. We are here to help. We provide photography lesson and courses for everyone, regardless of age, ability, hearing or deaf. Have you bought a DSLR and it doesn't just work? Frustrated because your images look flat? Always getting a funny looking colour glow? Or do you feel you can use your camera and want to expand on your skills and knowledge? Are you a business owner trying to capture engaging image for your website and social media pages? We provide lessons and courses that are tailored to the individual. We work with everyone from beginners looking to learn how to get their camera working for them. To intermediates wanting to expand their skills on a photowalk. We will work with you and make sure that, with the hands on experience you gain and the cheat sheets we provide, you will always come away from one of our lessons with new skills that you can build on. Each lesson you book with us will build on the skills you have. We can come to any location you choose, either at home or a city, village, or scenic location in the Northwest of England. The best bit is our Photography lessons are only £70 for a one hour, one to one session thats packed with information. Prices vary for group bookings. Our maximum group size is 10 people, this is to ensure you get you photography questions answered. Need More Information About our Photography Lessons? Want to Make a Booking Enquiry? If you have any questions of you would like to book one of our lessons, go to our Contact page.

View Post The Exposure Triangle
24th February 2019 Photography, Photography tips

The Exposure Triangle.

(No this isn’t a science lesson and it isn’t that difficult to understand). The exposure…

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View Post Tripod Review Vanguard VEO265CB 2

Tripod Review – Vanguard VEO265CB 2

For years I have been a the kind of photographer that leaves the my tripod…

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View Post Photography Blog: Improve your photography with these two settings.
19th August 2016 Photography tips

Improve your photography with these two settings.

As a photography enthusiast you’ve decided to buy a DSLR; you get home, open it…

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