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Stand Up Comedy Photography

Stand up comedy photography is something we specialise in. As a live entertainment photographer we strive to capture the whole atmosphere of a live performance. For us, the build up of excitement in the audience before the show; is as magical as their reactions to the performance on stage. We work hard on our shots of the Comedian’s performance; we combine their show, with the lighting and staging, to create inspiring images. Every detail is important to us. Having covered a variety of live comedy performances; from intimate gigs to well known festivals and comedy clubs. We know how important capturing every element of the performance is.

Once the show has finished, we start working hard on our pictures. Professionally editing our images making sure they creatively highlight the best moments of the audience and act on stage. Combining our knowledge and skills with your requirements; will feel like an effortless experience. Regularly checking the clear list of requirements we worked together on. We keep it with us throughout the event and editing process, to make sure your requests are met to a high standard.

Creative images, like ours, boost online interaction and they make a stunning, visual impact on all areas of your online presence. Whatever you need our pictures for; be it marketing, merchandise or even online promotion. We can adjust all of our images to meet your needs.

We meet with each individual client to discuss exactly what you need us to do and together we can write up a list of requirements.

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