Photography Lessons

Well informed, photography lessons are somewhat of a rarity. Providing well informed, reasonably priced photography lessons for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds is something we are proud to offer our customers. We tailor our lessons to suit your needs, it could be a beginner lesson to learn how to use manual mode; or a more advanced photography lesson in one of the various genres. Whatever stage in photography you are at; with us you will learn new skills and your knowledge will be increased. All that is required is a DSLR camera and a need to learn how to create beautiful and interesting images.

Our lessons are bespoke; we tailor them to each individual or a group’s abilities and requirements. We also provide a ‘cheat sheet’ for you to look back on after our lesson has finished. Keeping our group sizing at a maximum of ten people ensures means we can give each individual the time they need to learn new skills also answer any questions they might have.

Beginner photography courses: you will be taught the technical elements that are needed to take control of a DSLR camera in manual mode; giving you the ability to take the pictures you want.

Beyond the basics, we offer lots of different types of photography because every person has a different preference in what they want to photograph. Our advanced courses include: Landscape, portrait, streetscape, still life and slow exposure at night and in the day time. During these courses the specific elements to each genre will be explained in detail to advance your skills and knowledge.

The location can be anywhere you like, your home, the office, a cafe or anywhere that either inspires you or anywhere that is convenient to your schedule. Wherever it is you choose to have one of our lessons; we can happily travel to your chosen location. Capturing beautiful images of the place that inspires you makes a great souvenir from any of our photography lessons. That, of course, in addition to all the new skills and knowledge you will gain from the lessons too.

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