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About me

I’m Carla Speight, a commercial photographer & writer passionate about capturing why my subject and clients are amazing. Focussed on drawing the audience in and telling their story using journalism and professional photography techniques.
 Ever since I was little I’ve always carried a camera around, cliche I know. My mum used to work for a photography film development company and throughout the school holidays, my brother and I would be given disposable cameras to amuse ourselves with. My brother took pictures of the usual ‘boy things’, whereas I would capture moments and memories that told a story. It’s safe to say my mum was always pleasantly surprised with the results from my little disposable camera, not so much with my brother’s images.

I got the bug for photography and as technology advanced, I grabbed every opportunity I had to try out new equipment and push myself to achieve better images. I still do that now, I’m a real-life photography tech nerd.
Over ten years ago I started working with venues and performers. I used to work for the free ticket to the concert because I wanted to see the band or comedian. I’d photograph and write about the shows in exchange for a ticket.

After a while, the venues and performers quickly became paying clients. Booking me directly to shoot and write about their shows for them, or create their latest publicity images and press shots. Then when their colleagues, friends needed a photographer or professional writer they have recommended me.

My passion for capturing the moment and the unique qualities of my subject has lead me to some amazing locations. From festivals and events, to live performances and studio-based work. I work closely with my clients asking questions to enable me to discover as much as possible about what / who I’m photographing and writing about. Carefully finding out what their story is. I put this research into a brief and ensure my work produces a dynamic set of engaging photographs and an extensively researched, powerful feature or review article that highlights my client’s true value.

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