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Last night I visited the Manchester Apollo to capture the Busted Night Driver tour. Having enjoyed their previously energetic rock-pop music from the early 2000’s; I found their new album to be a grown up and mature contrast to what was I had previously known and loved.

Busted, for me, were the band of my teenage years that provided a gateway to appreciate and learn to love rock and indie music. It’s safe to say I have a nostalgic love for this band.

Now in their thirties, after a twelve year hiatus and a thirteen year wait for fans to hear a new album. It is safe to say Busted are very much back, reunited and reformed.

Their new album Night Driver, is nothing like Busted have ever produced before. Unlike the rebellion inspiring, high energy of their previous albums and tours; Buted’s latest album is a lot more relaxed. Night Driver is essentially a synth pop/soft rock album with a retro feel. Although it introduces a new direction and a marked maturity for Busted, Night Driver is fantastic and very catchy.

On stage their performance was very different to the high energy, guitar wielding craziness I once knew. It is now more coordinated and controlled. The staging, although less elaborate than their ‘Pigs might fly’ tour, in combination with the coordinating outfits, it suited their new music perfectly.

That being said they did not dismiss where they came from. At regular intervals they bridged the gap between new and old beautifully; bringing sheer delight to fans who’s love for Busted was screamed and shouted consistently throughout the night.

My Shots of the Busted Night Driver Tour.

Images ©AberrantPerspectives. If you would like to use any of my images or if you want to find out more about my gig photography service please contact me via the Contact Us page.

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