Educational Courses

Teaching is one of my passions. Photography coursesPR & Marketing courses, press release writing are my specialities and I have a wealth of experience with teaching individuals, groups and businesses. You will find more information about the educational courses available, below.

For Beginners

Manual Mode Mastered

This is the perfect introduction to photography course, for anyone new to DLSR photography.
From ISO to depth of field and all the shutter speed, aperture, and composition techniques in between. This beginner’s  photography course, will take you off the auto modes and give you a full understanding of manual mode mode photography just like professional photographers use.

Lightroom for Beginners

More information coming soon.

Photoshop for Beginners

More information coming soon.

The Importance of Great Photography Series

For Businesses & Brands

Have you ever wondered how your competitors create great photography? They can’t possibly have a professional photographer with them 24/7. In this online photography course you will learn a variety of professional techniques & all the best apps you’ll need to create the vital professional standard photography to boost your sales, increase your online following, improve your social media engagement, highlight your industry authority & showcase why people should be using your business.

For PR & Marketing

PR & Marketing is a vital part of every business & brand’s plan to succeed. Great looking professional photography is a key part of any brand strategy.
In this online photography course, aimed at PR & Marketing professionals, you will learn a variety of professional photography techniques & how to use to use the vital apps needed to boost the professional visuals needed for the demand of high standard continual digital marketing strategy, within the PR & Marketing professional‘s role.

For Influencers, Social Media & Content Creators

A key part of a great online presence is professional photography. Even the biggest influencers and content creators can’t have a professional photographer with them all the time. Which is exactly why the best social media teams, online influencerscontent creators, bloggerspodcast creators etc learn how to create it themselves.
This online photography course will teach you the professional techniques & vital apps needed for Influencers & Content creators.

Photography Group


Join my Facebook group to learn how to improve your photography, share your photographs, join in with the conversations, get involved with photography challenges and be part of a likeminded community of photographers.

Client Reviews

“I just finished Carla’s photography course such a great class in Manchester. Carla is a really good teacher and always happy to share her vast knowledge and experience! I would definitely recommend the course to all beginners and improvers, thanks Carla!”

Laura Bridge

Just finished the beginners photography course and would highly recommend. Great course to start you off on how to use your camera and all the different settings with how they interact. Carla’s really helpful throughout the day, and especially in the afternoon whilst taking shots around Manchester.”

Adam Dale

Great course from Carla. Learnt how to use my camera with confidence. Spent the morning learning the key techniques and the afternoon practising them. Carla taught us how to use the camera and how to take more interesting photos. Great tour of some good spots of the NQ.”

Evie Brockwell

Just finished Carla’s photography course, I turned up knowing basics and finished with more knowledge. I now know things I didn’t know before about the settings etc. I would highly recommend this course, lovely lady with a lot of photography knowledge and can’t wait to see the plans on an advanced course!”

Laura Oxley

“Currently doing Carla’s photography course. Excellent value for money and carla is a great teacher – really gets you to think about things in a different way. Would highly recommend!”

Nicki Lodge

“Carla, I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed your Photography course. Although I was use to most settings on my DSLR I never had the confidence to go fully manual till attending your course. This coupled with explanations about composure etc has opened a whole new world up for me and my camera. I attended my first ever night shoot with no flash and totally in manual mode with results I could have only dreamed of before.”

Martin Sharp

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