Stand up comedy


Live stand up comedy photography is something I specialise in, in fact I’m hugely passionate about it. As a live entertainment photographer I strive to capture the whole atmosphere of a live performance, not just the obvious images. I capture all the moments that matter and create an engaging visual story.
It’s not always the big ‘wow factor’ moments that make an evening memorable, although they are definitely an important feature to the show. I love capturing the excitement in the comedian’s face during the set up. The amusement and anticipation in the hook. Then there’s the satisfaction (and sometimes relief) in the laugher achieved from the punchline.
The audience’s reactions to the performance are just as important. Their engagement during moments of audience interactions. The attentiveness during the set up and the hooks in the carefully created jokes they’re listening to. The all important reactions and laughter during the punchlines.
I capture both the audience and comedian to create a professional photography story of the live stand up comedy performance. My photographs provide the perfect insight into what to expect, for absent audiences. Wether they find them on social media, the comedian’s website, books, online video streaming site, DVD covers and more. My images will entice audiences into watching the stand up comedy show.


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