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Live Stand up Comedy Photography.

Live stand up comedy photography is something I specialise in, in fact I’m hugely passionate about it. As a live entertainment photographer I strive to capture the whole atmosphere of a performance, not just the obvious images. I capture all the moments that matter and create an engaging visual story. From the audience reactions to the comics relief when their new joke lands well, or their own amusement at their favourite joke of the show.

It’s not always the big ‘wow factor’ moments that make an evening memorable, although they are definitely an important feature to any comedy show. I love capturing the excitement in the comedian‘s face during the set up. The amusement and anticipation in the hook. Then there’s the satisfaction (and sometimes relief) in the laugher achieved from the punchline.

The audience’s reactions to the performance are just as important. Their engagement during moments of audience interactions. The attentiveness during the set up and the hooks in the carefully created jokes they’re listening to. The all important reactions and laughter during the punchlines.

I capture both the audience and comedian to create a professional photography story of the live comedy performance. My photographs provide the perfect insight into what to expect, for absent audiences. 

Wether they find them during a digital marketing campaign on social media, the comedian’s website, in books, merchandise, or news publications. My gig photography will entice audiences into watching the stand up comedy show.

Do you want to know more about my live stand up comedy photography service or would you like to hire me? Contact me here.

“I love Carla’s photography, she has a real eye for capturing the moment and the atmosphere of the night.
Her experience and love of comedy is clear to see in all her work. I highly recommend her!”

Jason Manford

Stand Up Comedian

“Beautiful action shots!
Carla really manages to capture the atmosphere in the moment.”

Paul Smith

Stand Up Comedian

“Carla has a real eye for capturing the atmosphere of the night.
I love her photography and I highly recomend her!”

Jessica Toomey

Director of The Frog and Bucket Comedy Club

“Carla makes a shoot a laughter-filled, fun experience. Her work is brilliant too. I love both the studio and live shots she took of me.”

Alex Boardman

Stand Up Comedian

“I love your photos”

Katherine Ryan

Stand Up Comedian

“I rarely look as good as I do in carlas photos, she does exactly what a photographer should do. Take pictures as if she was right in the performers face and still remains invisible at the show”

Matt Reed

Stand Up Comedian

Carla is fantastic! Not only does she get what your going for but is flexible to your needs. Having worked with Carla on a few shoots, I find her best quality is her ability to take away the awkwardness of a having a camera in your face. By simply chatting to you throughout and slipping in some camera shots along the way. It’s a professional but personal service which I’d highly recommend to anyone.”

Harry Stachini

Stand Up Comedian

“I love Carla’s photography. Her live shots are incredible.”

Dan Nightingale

Stand Up Comedian

“I’m not someone who’s very confident in front of a camera but Carla made me feel at ease and made the experience a lot more enjoyable than I expected. Her ideas and direction were spot on and she captivated the essence of my act. The photographs are excellent and used on most comedy posters.”

Lindsey Davies

Stand Up Comedian

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