PR & Marketing Photography


‘A picture can tell a thousand words’. Sound like a bad cliche I know. But with PR photography this is so relevant and important. I specialise in capturing stories. My photographs engage the audience and entice them to want to know more about the business and people in them.
PR photography is engaging, news worthy and more importantly, it’s shareable. Great images support any news story, regardless of where they’re found. In an era of social media, busier lives and ultimately shorter audience attention spans, photography has become a vital part of retaining the attention of the audience and encouraging them to investigate further.
I work closely with my clients to find out more about the story they want to tell. Who they are, what they do and what they hope to achieve. I develop a brief and creatively capture news worthy, attention grabbing images, that are relevant for their audience. Professional PR photography tells a visual story about the subject, I make sure that all the best bits of the story are highlighted in my photography. My images are regularly used on social media, websites, advertising materials and features in the news.


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