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PR & Marketing Photography.

‘A picture can tell a thousand words’. That sounds like a bad cliche, I know. But when it’s to do with your brand, PR & marketing photography this is so relevant and important.
Those industry authorities and trusted brands, that you want to position yourself along side, use professional photography for several reasons. 

They know that first impressions count. Using the work of a professional photographer gives them the eye catching images they need to showcase that they care about their brand. This influences impressions about their approach to customer experience too. 

PR & marketing photography has so many purposes. It increases the assumed value of a brand, helps to back up great media coverage, without devaluing the story, unlike that selfie you wanted to send in or quick phone photo. It helps to deliver the right message about your brand.

Professional photography can provide a consistent and influential impact across all marketing channels. This includes digital marketing, social media, websites, online campaigns. Additionally having the same impact in all print based marketing. 

It helps you stand out from the crowd, whilst clearly capturing your brand ethos.

I work with you to create a clear PR & marketing photography brief. This gives me your brand story, what you want photographing and when. This enables me to ensure that I capture your brand story and ethos. Showcasing all the relevant and special parts of your brand, through the photography story I produce for you.

My professional images have been used in national and global PR & marketing campaigns. My work has featured in several national newspapers and global news publications, both online and in print. 

I have worked with individual personal brands, celebrity brands, smaller businesses and big corporations. I specialise in creating beautiful, engaging photography. I deliver the same high quality photography for each of my clients. Ensuring your brand has an engaging visual authority. Helping your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Do you want to know more about my PR & marketing photography service or would you like to hire me? Contact me here.

My work has been featured in:

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