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One thing that all business, product and food photography has in common is that they want engaging photographs for PR and marketing purposes. Eye catching, mouth watering, inspiring, professional photography that connects with the audience in an emotionally disconnected online world.

Corporate photography comes in many forms and means different things to different people. I believe it shouldn’t be ‘too corporate’. Your website and social media photography should reflect who you are and what makes you so important to your clients and customers.

Your business photography should be a visual representation of your brand story and your brand ethos. Your corporate portraits and headshots should show that you are professional and approachable. Photographs of your premises, office or typical workspace should be inspiring, engaging and welcoming. Reflecting the real life expectations for your clients and customers.

Food photography should induce a mouth watering reaction for your audience. The professional images should be engaging and enticing, to the point of the audience wanting to eat the device they see them on. Although in reality, it would lead them to order your food and drinks.

Through a series of styled photography techniques, including flat lays, creative angles, and real life views, my professional food photography will create a series of engaging images that the audience simply cannot resist. Whilst giving you the best kind of images for your digital marketing requirements.

Product photography should ‘sell the dream’. Yes there is a need for clean product photography for your website. However for online marketing through social media your professional product photography should show what your products can do for your customer. Lifestyle photography, styled photography, interior photography all featuring your product being used, showing the improvement it gives to your customer’s lives are, all vital to entice your audience. All my images have a focus on creating a need to make that purchase.

I tailor each of my photoshoots to align with your brand values and brand style. I work with you to create a photography brief and style each of my images to suit your PR and marketing campaigns and your website and social media requirements. I make sure that my creative photography helps to inspire your clients and customers into buying your food and products or wanting to work with your business.

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