Product & Food photography


As a product photographer I’m passionate about bringing products to life; uniquely capturing inspiring images that are memorable to customers. Real life like photographs of products emphasises their true value to the customer; as well as encouraging them to buy the product. I don’t use white backgrounds, when possible, because I believe in bringing your products to life; both on screen and in printed promotions. Food being cooked, served and also showing used empty plates emphasise just how good it is. Perfumes and makeup on the dressing table, in a handbag and even being applied. Birthday cakes centre stage with balloons and other decorations around them. Cupcakes next to a tea or coffee on a plate on the garden table, at a picnic with a bite missing or even on the coffee table with someone curled up on the sofa behind it. Tools being used, stuffed inside a work bag to tool belt then placed on workbenches prepped and waiting to be used. Whatever your product is I will bring it to life, not only highlighting it’s use for the customer to see and relate to, but also creating a connection to the product. Pictures are perfect for social media, websites and printed marketing; working together, we will create inspiring images that not only bring your products to life with a high quality professional look, additionally they will also become memorable to the customers.


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