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  Portrait and headshot photography A common theme, when it comes to portrait photography, is that a lot of people struggle with being in front of the camera. I provide a portrait service that builds confidence and produces images that show off just how brilliant you are. There are no false background with my shoots, I want you to choose a location that suits you. comfortable. It could be at the beach, a park, a memorable place alternatively it can be in the comfort of your living room or your garden. Wherever you choose, just know that I want you to be comfortable in your surroundings and we will travel to your chosen special spot. Posing in awkward positions is not my style, I hate that too. If you want guiding I will help, of course. I will, occasionally, ask you to look different directions, or to move to the left or right etc but thats to help create a variety of images. Unlike other businesses I am always upfront about the costs of my services, prints and digital images. It’s always been a mystery to me why other companies take your picture, then charge a fortune for you to own them. I try to tailor our packages to ensure that you have the opportunity to come away from our shoot with your favourite images. Not forgetting the added confidence boost and happy memories of your experience..  

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