Publicity Images, Heashots & Personal Branding Photography.

A common theme, when it comes to photographing people, is that a lot of people struggle with being in front of the camera. This is so much worse when it’s for promotional purposes.

After an initial conversation I create a brief that is tailored to your needs. This photography brief will provide a set of guidelines for the expectations of the shoot. Publicity images, headshots and Personal branding photo shoots all have one thing in common, a direct purpose of promoting the person / character in the photograph. I will work with you to create the best set of images for your objectives.

Choose a location that suits you. Working on location is something I do every day. Wether that be a studio, on set or at someones business or home. Travelling to new places is part of the fun for me.

Asking you to pose in awkward positions is not my style, I hate that too. If you want guiding I will help, of course. Occasionally, I will ask you to look different directions, or to move to the left or right etc but thats to help create a variety of images. Rather than create a collection that all look the same.

I have photographed all sorts of professional people, including actors comedians, musicians, bloggers and business people. My professional photography service builds confidence and produces images that show off just how brilliant you are to your target audience.

Thanks to the skills and knowledge that I have built up over the years as a commercial photographer, I know I will be able to work with you to create the perfect set of images for your personal branding, headshot and publicity image photography.

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