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Publicity Images, Heashots & Personal Branding Photography.

There’s a common theme, when it comes to photographing people, a lot of people struggle with being in front of the camera. This can feel so much worse when it’s for promotional purposes. I totally relate to that feeling as I struggle with that too!

Publicity images, headshots and Personal branding photo shoots all have one thing in common, a direct purpose of promoting the person / character in the photograph. I will work with you to create the best set of images for your objectives. 

After an initial conversation with you, I create a professional photography brief that is tailored to your needs. Our photography brief will provide a set of guidelines for the expectations of the photo shoot.

Choose a location that suits you. Working on location is something I do every day. Whether that be a studio, on set or at your business. Travelling to new places is part of the fun for me. Although I’m Manchester based, I have worked all over the UK.My photography work has taken me to all major cities across the UK. Including London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Isle of Wight, several locations across Wales and many more wonderful UK towns and cities.

Asking you to pose in awkward positions is not my style, I hate that too. If you want guiding through your shoot, I will help of course. Occasionally, I will ask you to look different directions, or to move to the left or right etc. This help create a variety of professional images, rather than create a collection that all look the same.

I have photographed all sorts of professional people, including actors, public speakers authors comedians, musicians, singers, bands, bloggers and business people. My professional photography service builds confidence and produces images that show off just how brilliant you are to your target audience.

Thanks to the skills and knowledge that I have built up over the years as a commercial photographer, I know I will be able to work with you to create the perfect set of images for your personal branding, headshot and publicity image photography.

Do you want more information, or would you like to make a booking? Contact me here.

Carla is fantastic! Not only does she get what your going for but is flexible to your needs. Having worked with Carla on a few shoots, I find her best quality is her ability to take away the awkwardness of a having a camera in your face. By simply chatting to you throughout and slipping in some camera shots along the way. It’s a professional but personal service which I’d highly recommend to anyone.”

Harry Stachini

Stand Up Comedian

“Carla makes a shoot a laughter-filled, fun experience. Her work is brilliant too. I love both the studio and live shots she took of me.”

Alex Boardman

Stand Up Comedian

“I’m not someone who’s very confident in front of a camera but Carla made me feel at ease and made the experience a lot more enjoyable than I expected. Her ideas and direction were spot on and she captivated the essence of my act. The photographs are excellent and used on most comedy posters.”

Lindsey Davies

Stand Up Comedian

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