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Aberrant Perspectives PR, Marketing, Photography & Writing Services.

Aberrant Perspectives is a marketing & PR company independently run by Carla Speight.

I offer a varied range of services, personal consultation and implementation of the various factors needed to promote personal brands and businesses.

With over eight years freelance photography, PR & Marketing experience, in the business sector and entertainment industry, I specialise in story-telling, focused marketing and PR. Put simply, this means that I have a wealth of experience in developing an effective marketing and PR strategy, whilst coaching you on how to succeed with it.

Promoting individuals, business and those in the entertainment industry are where my vast experience and knowledge are strongest. I have promoted many businesses and individuals throughout my career. My clients range from influencers and celebrities, to businesses and brands needing an attentive approach to achieving successful marketing and PR.


Commercial photography through Aberrant Perspectives comes with a focus of capturing the true, magical essence of your brand and business. I offer a variety of professional photography services. Including personal brand photography, headshots, publicity images, digital marketing, business, food and product photography. I also cover live music, live comedy, corporate events, celebrity events and festivals.

Alongside professional photography, I write and distribute press releases, statement releases, feature articles and much more. I can set up interviews and organise press events and launch events. My work has been featured in local, national, global news organisations and publications. Additionally, I offer copywriting and blog writing to ensure your brand voice is stabilised across all your platforms.

Using various techniques tailored to your needs, all my skills collectively work towards raising awareness of your brand and business. I will create the narrative to ensure your brand and business is newsworthy and relevant, ensuring you reach and engage with the audience and customers you desire in ways that traditional advertising can’t. 

My work has been featured in:

Plus many more global publications.

Client Reviews

“I love Carla’s photography, she has a real eye for capturing the moment and the atmosphere of the night.
Her experience and love of comedy is clear to see in all her work. I highly recommend her!”

Jason Manford

Stand Up Comedian

“I love your photos”

Katherine Ryan

Stand Up Comedian

“Beautiful action shots!
Carla really manages to capture the atmosphere in the moment.”

Paul Smith

Stand Up Comedian

“Awesome photos.”

Fun Lovin' Criminals

Musicians - Band

“I always love your beautiful photos”

Leanne Brown

TV Personality, Influencer

“Great photo’s and it was really good to work with you”

Shaun Ryder

Singer & TV Personality

Whatever your reason, you can contact Aberrant Perspectives in various ways:

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