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Great copywriting is vital for any business to succeed in securing sales through digital platforms and in print form. Establishing your brand voice and tone is key to succeeding in any form of compelling and authoritative copywriting. Whether that be website copy, direct email copy, advertising copy, press releases, blog writing, feature articles, interviews or print media. I offer a range of professional copywriting services, that targets your customers in various ways.

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Press Releases.

Professional press release writing is the best way to communicate your brand story in a newsworthy way. Journalists receive hundreds of press releases on a daily basis, so it is vital that your story is attention grabbing for all the right reasons.

From the subject line through to the last line of the news story itself, your press release has to grab the attention of the journalist receiving it and convince them to publish your story. This is easier said than done when you’re writing about your own business. Most people really struggle to connect with the publisher’s audience.

I write a different style article for each target publication. This sets out clear intentions of making the journalist’s busy life a lot easier, my press release strategy means the recipient doesn’t have to endure several more emails or phone calls to find out more information. My press release gives them all the relevant information they need to publish your story. Including the main purpose of the story, plus quotes and images where necessary. The key to highlighting your release as newsworthy is to have a clear succinct article that is easy for the journalist to pitch to their editor and then simply hit copy and paste.

Feature Articles & Interviews.

Professionally written feature articles and interviews share the same basic principles. They need to contain compelling writing, with a human feel to them, making it easy for the reader to connect to the story. Succinctly delivering your message, through a captivating story, makes it easy to position you as the professional authority in your industry.

Before I start writing your article, I will go through the possible newsworthy angles with you. Once I’ve established them we will discuss the best places for your feature article or interview to be published. Are there industry publications that you would love to be featured in, to become recognised as an authority by your peers?

I can advise if your story is more suited for local news coverage, national news or even global news publications. With that established I will write your article, specifically targeting the style and audience for your list of preferred publications.

I have interviewed many different types of people and brands, from celebrities to small business owners. I ensure the interviews I write are newsworthy and contain promotional factors without a tacky hard sell.

Review Writing.

I’m an experienced review writer. I’ve covered a variety of products, live stand up comedy shows, live music concerts, festivals, restaurants, launches, theatre shows and events. A well written review covers the history of the brand or performer. They promote the positive experiences, the benefits gained, the small details that make the special difference; whilst reserving the right to express independent opinions and constructively critique where necessary.

My reviews have been published in many news publications and my comedy reviews are quoted in the British Comedy Guide. I know each new publication is looking for a different newsworthy angle and whilst remaining impartial, I write in the style the publication prefers. I have received high praise for my well rounded reviews from the companies and performers I have written about. For my latest reviews click here. If you would like me to review your product, show, event or service please contact me here.

Website Copywriting.

Copywriting for websites should be compelling, and contain all the relevant information your customers need without too much jargon. It should be clear, succinct, informative and engaging. Your website copy should have a clear brand voice running through all of it, ensuring your audience get a sense of familiarity and authority as they read through your content.

Right from our first contact I will establish how you want your brand voice to appear, what tone you want throughout the copy, what your brand story and brand values are. Plus all the relevant and important information you want featured. I will then use all this information to establish relevant SEO keywords to feature throughout your copy. Then I will send you a completed draft of your copy with the suggested keywords. It is important that we work together to establish the best online copy for your website and digital marketing strategy.

Email Copywriting.

Whoever says ‘email marketing campaigns are dead’, have lost their ability to connect with their subscribers. The key to decent email communications is to establish what your audience signed up to your mailing list for and use that in your email campaigns.

Emails are so easily ignored if the content isn’t captivating, with a familiar brand voice. The way to use them effectively is to offer reasons for them to look forward to receiving them. Whether that be tips and tricks, brand aligned how to guides, highlighted products or newsworthy information and announcements delivered within an engaging newsletter. Whatever your reason to be contacting your subscribers, you need to stay consistent to retain your audience and grow your mailing list. Hiring a professional copywriter, like me, will make that happen.

Together we can establish what your brand can offer an email subscriber. Then we can work together to plan out content that compliments the digital marketing and PR strategy you have in place. I can help you establish a loyal readership within your email subscribers and help you retain subscribers and grow your mailing list numbers. I will work with you to establish an effective email marketing source for you to run compelling digital marketing campaigns through.

Blog Copywriting.

Blog writing is vital to boost your ranking on search engines. It’s also a great way to establish you as an authority in your industry, whilst developing a connection with your audience.

It is essential that you get your brand voice right and keep it consistent throughout your blog. you can use your blog to highlight tips and tricks, make announcements, share your latest news and voice your opinions.

We will work together to establish a series of articles that align with your brand. This will enable you to post content regularily for your customers to read and build an audience that will regularly visit your website.

Using an experienced blog writer such as myself will give you professional, effective content to back up your social media marketing and digital marketing campaigns. Effective copywriting for your blog will establish you as the authority. By doing that, you will encourage your audience to trust your brand and  become your customers.

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